Friday, July 9, 2010

Go back to ASU or not go back... nope, not going back :(

Last weekend I was given the wonderful surprise of finding out that ASU re-reviewed my FASFA and awarded me with two Grants (as well as two loans, that I didn't need or want). So, of course I accepted the grants, told a few people of my good news, and started the process of becoming an ASU student once again.

Fast forward to this morning, and my good news became sad:( ASU drastically cut the grant funding (less than half of what I was offered and accepted), then applied stipulations to one of the grants, that I cannot possibly commit to at this time in my life. I'm so bummed and disappointed. All I want is to return to school and complete my final semester. This is definitely a blow to my attitude for the day... maybe week or two.

I'm trying really hard to remind myself that if returning to school was meant to happen, then it would! My wonderful, younger cousin reminded me this morning that "Maybe God knows something you don't, and is steering you away from this one, as to be ready for the next."

So, as of now, I'm not college bound... yet.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bath time fun!

Braydon - 26 months

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