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As You Wish - 29 months

I took Braydon to Desert Ridge this a.m. for the sole purpose of getting out of the house, to play, and be creative with hands and mind. After sharing a muffin, playing in the water, and walking all over Desert Ridge, Braydon and I finally went into the pottery store to paint.

It didn't open til 11, so Braydon decided to window shop before we actually got to paint. During his brief time of window shopping, he immediately spotted a car and decided that was the one for him. After choosing the car (from outside the store), he (quite adamantly) announced that the car would be painted green.

Once inside, he did paint the car(2 shades of) green... then black... and then mustard yellow. He was very decisive with his paint colors and was very focused on the task at hand. Once he finished the car, he chose to paint a cross for me. For that, he chose the colors lavender and blue! Very mommy appropriate, I think :)

I can't wait to show pictures of both, once they've gone through the kiln and are nice and glossy! Today was a fun day, indeed!

PS Braydon's finally on the potty training wagon! We have moments where he just wants his diaper, and others he wants big boy pants and the potty. I'm not going to force it, but at least we're making BIG progress!

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