Monday, May 2, 2011

Braydon's 3rd Birthday Party 4.01.11

Yesterday we celebrated Braydon's 3rd birthday with a Spiderman themed party (Braydon's wishes). Braydon was SUPPOSE to dress up like Spiderman, but decided not to as soon as he saw his Daddy.

Daddy dressed up as The Hulk, just as Braydon asked him to do. Even though, for the past 3 weeks, Daddy and Braydon discussed that Daddy was going to be The Hulk and would be GREEN like The Hulk, Braydon decided almost immediately upon seeing Daddy yesterday, that he DID NOT like Daddy green... a meltdown followed shortly thereafter, but he finally came around once Daddy washed the green off his face.

Yesterday was a great day, and I cannot believe our sweet baby is a three year old little boy (who loves all things Super Hero)!

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