Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank you, ML!!!

This morning as Ty was leaving the house to take Moose for a walk, we found a little package at our back door -- a present sent from our dearest ML!

Thank you so much for Braydon's bib. We've been trying to get him to wear one for a while now, but he puts up such a fight when we do... that is until today. This fabulous camouflage bib is so comfy on our sweet boy that he hasn't put up a fight either time we put it on him today:)

We love it!!! Here are a couple of pix of Bray wearing his latest gift from ML:)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finger Painting With Pudding...

Thank you Christy (my sis-n-law) for giving me this fun idea as a way to enjoy the indoors when the Moose is sick of playing inside:)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wordy Wednesday -- & More Braydon Pictures:)

So, Braydon *likes* the pool when he's "swimming" with his Daddy. But when he's with me, it's a horribly traumatic and scary watering hole! So, in attempt beat this AZ heat AND enjoy some fun in the sun with my baby, I got him this water splash mat/baby pool thing. It arrived via FedEx today and within minutes of receiving/opening it, we were outside splishing and splashing;) Braydon enjoyed trying to catch the water as it shot up from various places from the mat:) Too bad I couldn't catch a smile on his face. He'd concentrate so intensely when trying to grasp the shooting water, hence his tongue constantly sticking out.

The first picture has nothing to do with Braydon's new outside water toy, but it was too cute to exclude it:) I LOVE my boys!!!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day...

Since Braydon was just days old for my first Mother's Day, I barely remember that first special day. I was still super duper sore from the c-section, suffering from crazy water retention, and well, just busy being a brand-new first time mommy:) What I do remember is that my dear, sweet husband did give me a gift card for a day at Nordstrom's spa, which I used the day Braydon turned 6 weeks old:)

With that said, this year my boys spoiled me:) Tyson took Braydon in the morning so I could sleep in, he ran to get us breakfast (which mine was blueberry pancakes -- my favorite), and then just gave me time to do whatever I wanted to do that morning until early afternoon. Braydon and Ty gave me the sweetest cards, and my favorite gift was/is the cutest little flower picture frame with my Moose's picture in it. The frame is now sitting in my kitchen sink window and I look at it EVERY SINGLE time I'm at the sink, which is A LOT:)

I realize many had special days like this, but it was extra special to me, because *well* it was from my loving hubby and sweet baby boy!

I love being a mommy -- it's the greatest blessing!!!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Bray!!!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!!

Other than the fabulous food, cake & ice cream, presents, and visiting, we also celebrated today with LOTS of outside fun! The "kids," young and old, had water balloon fights, flew down the slip 'n slide, swam, played base-ball, and threw the football around all afternoon.

It meant the world to us to have so many come over and help us celebrate the miraculous birth and birthday of Braydon Quinn. This HUGE first in Braydon's life was EXTRA special for Ty and I because Braydon (and us) was surrounded by those who love him and we love, as well.

For those who couldn't make it (Mimi, Uncle Todd, Auntie Kearstin, and Cousins A. Biggest Sister, A. Bigger sister, A. Baby Sister), we know you were with us in spirit and hope you know you were very missed!

We love all of you and here's a slide show of some of the pix taken today!

PS We want to say thank you to Grandpa and Grandma W., Uncle Darry and Aunt Christy, Counsin H., N., B., R., Grandpa Don, Uncle Trask, Uncle Tanner, Uncle Thad, Aunt Kessa, Mimi, Uncle Todd, Auntie Kearstin, and Cousins A., A., & A. :)!!!

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