Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wordy Wednesday -- & More Braydon Pictures:)

So, Braydon *likes* the pool when he's "swimming" with his Daddy. But when he's with me, it's a horribly traumatic and scary watering hole! So, in attempt beat this AZ heat AND enjoy some fun in the sun with my baby, I got him this water splash mat/baby pool thing. It arrived via FedEx today and within minutes of receiving/opening it, we were outside splishing and splashing;) Braydon enjoyed trying to catch the water as it shot up from various places from the mat:) Too bad I couldn't catch a smile on his face. He'd concentrate so intensely when trying to grasp the shooting water, hence his tongue constantly sticking out.

The first picture has nothing to do with Braydon's new outside water toy, but it was too cute to exclude it:) I LOVE my boys!!!

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Membership Required said...

we went for a dip two weekends ago as it rained last weekend but I noticed that same thing about Travis. He went in pool first with me and seemed fine but then we traded kiddos and then the next switch he just wasnt happy baby with me any more. Maybe he could sense my nerves as it always makes me nervous to have kids around a pool. Coming from an area where almost every day you hear of a drowning....it is just so in grained in my head. OR it might just be that Daddy is in fact more fun in the pool than mommy. UGH. I love the pool spurting thingy!
PS. Did you find that sippy? If not let me know I dont mind sending you one. ML

Brittany and Drew said...

How fun! I wish I lived closer!

Kristen said...

Such a cute boy....don't you love one true media?

Take care,