Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day...

Since Braydon was just days old for my first Mother's Day, I barely remember that first special day. I was still super duper sore from the c-section, suffering from crazy water retention, and well, just busy being a brand-new first time mommy:) What I do remember is that my dear, sweet husband did give me a gift card for a day at Nordstrom's spa, which I used the day Braydon turned 6 weeks old:)

With that said, this year my boys spoiled me:) Tyson took Braydon in the morning so I could sleep in, he ran to get us breakfast (which mine was blueberry pancakes -- my favorite), and then just gave me time to do whatever I wanted to do that morning until early afternoon. Braydon and Ty gave me the sweetest cards, and my favorite gift was/is the cutest little flower picture frame with my Moose's picture in it. The frame is now sitting in my kitchen sink window and I look at it EVERY SINGLE time I'm at the sink, which is A LOT:)

I realize many had special days like this, but it was extra special to me, because *well* it was from my loving hubby and sweet baby boy!

I love being a mommy -- it's the greatest blessing!!!

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Brittany and Drew said...

Happy Mother's Day! I am glad you had a nice relaxing day! Miss you!