Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank you, ML!!!

This morning as Ty was leaving the house to take Moose for a walk, we found a little package at our back door -- a present sent from our dearest ML!

Thank you so much for Braydon's bib. We've been trying to get him to wear one for a while now, but he puts up such a fight when we do... that is until today. This fabulous camouflage bib is so comfy on our sweet boy that he hasn't put up a fight either time we put it on him today:)

We love it!!! Here are a couple of pix of Bray wearing his latest gift from ML:)

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Membership Required said...

Oh I am so glad that y'all like it...mainly that he likes it. He looks good in it. Sorry it didn't make it there for his birthday but the camo was back ordered and I just had to have that one. He is so darn cute! ML