Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peeing out the diaper...

So every night the for past four nights, Braydon has been drenching himself in his pee. At random times of the night, he'll start crying (a new cry which now means I'm cold and wet) so I'll go in and pick him up and there he is, drenched in urine up to his chest. Of course when I clean him up, put him in a fresh diaper, and dress him in clean PJs he goes absolutely BANANAS and the only way he'll settle down is to feed him (after all it's been 5-6 hours since last feeding) - thus, I'm not getting much sleep. I realize this is happening because he's a boy and his little soldier has been saluting A LOT more frequently (you know, keeping blood circulation going) AND he sleeps on his tummy with his bottom up in the air, so gravity isn't helping much there either, but I'm ready for this phase to pass. My SIL (who's son did the exact same thing since BIRTH) told me to get LUVS in a size 3, but my store doesn't carry them. So, we're trying out Pampers Cruisers (recommended by my friend), size 3, for tonight, so now it's a wait and see situation. My poor Moose - that has to feel so icky:(
I'm curious if this is strictly a boy issue or does diaper seapage not discriminate.

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the few times that I have used disposible on Travis now that he is this big I used the Pampers Baby Dry or is it Stay dry. I think it is Baby Dry. It is a tealish wrapper. They worked amazing. I have heard from other moms that if the tops of the diapers bend over (back or front)that leaks will occur. Sorry I dont have more to offer.