Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sleep Training ALL OVER AGAIN:(

Well, for about 2 months our latest sleep trainer was a miracle worker. In fact it got us on a fabulous nap schedule and *almost* sleeping through the night, but like the Ferber Method, this trainer has run it's course. I say good-bye to Healthy Sleep Habits: Happy Child. Allowing Braydon to cry it out no longer works for us and in fact, it has worked against us. Up until Braydon's latest onslaught of teething, massive diaper rash, cold, croup, more teething, and the diaper rash revival we were beginning to think we had Braydon's sleep issues solved, but once again we shall train again.

So, we are now (starting tonight) implementing Sleeping Through the Night by Jodi A. Mendell Ph. D. It has many of the same beliefs as Healthy Sleep Habits, but accomplishes quality sleep without using the Crying It Out method. Yes, for a while we did let Braydon CIO, but for the last couple of weeks letting him cry only added fuel to his fire. Ultimately CIO caused Braydon to SCREAM for HOURS and destroyed everything we (I) worked so hard to achieve. Besides being extremely frustrated, Tyson and I are totally sleep deprived.

For many babies with special needs, they need a different way to learn proper sleep and soothing habits and that's what we're now trying to achieve once again. With the help of a lovey, my patience, the tools/advice from this trainer, and a lack of sleep on my end, we should reach our desired goal permanently within a couple weeks. Once we do reach our goal, we can then work on weaning Braydon from needing a 3-4am feeding.

Keeping our fingers crossed that this works for us -- it's so hard having a baby that doesn't sleep well through the night. If not for such a huge set back early on with Bray's health, this would be a complete non-issue. Curse you reflux, slow moving stomach, and dairy allergy!!! Curse you!!!

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