Sunday, March 15, 2009

We almost have a walking kiddo!!!

Yesterday after we returned home from our day of family fun, Braydon and I went to the play room so Moose could burn off some very pent-up energy. Anyway, he crawled right up to his *walking-pushing-thing* from his Mimi, pulled to a standing position, held tight and off he went!!! He was walking -- with assistance, and very unsteady, but he did it and did so without mommy or daddy's help.

As for today...
he's all about his walking-pushing-thing. He's already much improved and eventually took a break from it once he completely wore himself out and needed a nap to re-energize (which he's doing right now)!

We realize that it could still take a while before Bray's walking totally unassisted, but it's still exciting, and we cannot believe how quickly all these various *firsts* come and go!

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Membership Required said...

here you go, next phase fun and wild phase. It all starts with what he is doing now. Oh how things are going to change around your house. See you soon.....playdate is in our future!!!!!

Its A Corny Life... said...

Looks like I'll be heading out there on the 13th! Can I crash your playdate with ML?