Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'll admit it...

I've been a very lazy blogger. I check my favorite blogs daily, but have just lacked the zest to add to mine.

Anyway, here's the latest and greatest on us:

We're officially moving in 2 weeks. We've found a great place in McCormick Ranch, and I could not be more excited about this move. Since we are moving soon, I've been spending the past 2-3 week packing during Braydon's nap time. Some days I get an hour and others I get three to be productive.

I've known for quite some time that we were moving to a smaller place, so I did spend a couple of weeks (pre-packing) to ransack our house to gather what I could to sell in a garage sale. It was a pretty decent turn out, made a bit of money, and the things that were too big to sell at the garage sale, we (Tyson) sold on Craigslist (which I have a new found respect for).

Our house still hasn't sold, but hopefully that will wrap up here soon enough. Other than that, there's not a whole lot to report.

Braydon's growing by leaps and bounds, and my almost 18 month old is easily filling out 2T and 3T clothing. His vocabulary is growing by the day, as is his free will, stubbornness, and little boy-ness. He definitely keeps us on our toes and has already put us through our first injury scare (fell and hit his head SUPER DUPER HARD). Obviously he's fine, but he had one hellofa goose egg on the back of his head that the doctor ordered us to wake him 2 times a night for 2 nights (to make him walk/talk) to ensure his head injury was nothing more than a big knot on the back of his head.

Other than that, Braydon's perfect, Tyson's perfect, and we are just a happy little family.

Here are a few new pix of Braydon in a practice run in his Halloween Costume and a few others I think are cute!

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Membership Required said...

Love it. MCR....NICE! I love that part of town. North but not too far north and....wait for it...wait.....close to Ajo Al's on 90th street and shea!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. Your boy is too cute and I am guessing he is so much bigger than Travis as my little guy can still wear size 18 month pants and 24 months tops and pants are roomy but good fit. Just hope he doesnt get stuck with my height. Short boy no bueno. Love the pictures!!!!
Hugs, ML