Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The things strangers say...

It rained again today, so I had to be a bit creative in what Braydon and I would do to stay busy and keep entertained all day. Since Braydon DID NOT want to play with ANY of his toys, we decided to go to PV mall this morning so he could run about and play til lunch time. PV mall is super kid friendly and Braydon completely wore himself out. After a quick lunch we headed home and he napped.

Well, after a 2 hour nap Braydon woke up in a monster of a bad mood and went on a tantrum tirade. Finally at 3:15 I decided to take him to the book store so he could play with the train table and perhaps read some books, too. While there, Braydon calmed down and played with the trains for almost an hour. After that, he was busy exploring the kiddie section, playing on the stage (for story hour) and just being a typical toddler boy. That's when some man stopped and asked me if Braydon had ADHD. The man said Braydon behaved just as a toddler with ADHD would. He then asked me if Braydon's pediatrician is concerned or if we are and if we've considered ADHD being a possibility. Finally he said that I should try giving my 20 month old some caffeine!!! I just kept my cool and asked, "Ummmm What!?!?" And then said caffeine acts like a depressent for kids with ADD/ADHD and that I should either give him some watered-down soda or coffee with a lot of milk. He said if it calms him down, then that's proof positive my son has ADHD.


Shortly after my encounter with this stranger, Braydon threw a monster $hitfit, and we left the bookstore. The fit was the result of me not allowing Braydon to hit a little girl at the train table or for not allowing him to steal one of the store's little train engines. Worthy of a fit...? I guess it was :)

Anyway, that was my Wednesday. Oh, the crazy things people feel at complete ease to say...

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