Monday, May 17, 2010

Potty-Training Diary

Tomorrow (Tuesday morning), Braydon and I will embark on the voyage of potty training. I've read, and re-read my potty training book, I have my game plan memorized, all necessary tools/drinks/treats/etc. out and ready to be used, and I'm in the "zone". I know it may very well be an arduous day tomorrow, but I'm confident Braydon is ready and can do this, and I'm in the right, patient mindset, and know we are on the path to being diaper free!

Wish us luck!

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Membership Required said...

Praying for you two on this new step. Remember be patient even when you step in a puddle. Practices work. I will say it again...Practices work. It may break your heart but they work. These are big days ahead but push through. I swear by the book I sent you. Two kids dont one prior to two and the other a month after turning two(boy). I am rooting for you both! Hugs, ML