Monday, August 30, 2010

Potty Training...

I tried a handful of months back to potty train Braydon. His little body wasn't fully ready then, so I stopped, and resolved to try again in the near future.

Well, Braydon is now totally capable of doing it, but he absolutely refuses to try. I've tried bribing him to just sit on the potty with the reward of praises, hugs/kisses/snuggles, cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, etc., and none of those entice him enough to even sit, sans diaper, on the potty. He loves his diaper and tells me he's still a baby.

He's outgrowing his size 6 diaper and we now have wet pants quite often these days, simply because he's becoming too big for the biggest diaper. I've tried putting him in training pants, and he doesn't mind even a tiny bit that he's wet.

His new best friend is potty trained, so I hope he'll want to be a big kid like her, and want to go on the potty. I'm not sure what to do or how to get Braydon motivated to start training again.

Any suggestions?

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Membership Required said...

I'd say stop referring to him as a baby...sniff sniff I know. You may not think you do but listen for it and I bet you'll hear the word baby.
Next.....try spending a weekend at home and have him go naked. I have heard this works. Its the not out of sight method. Maybe have him dump the diaper....meaning have him throw them away and just dive into wearing underpants...even at night/nap...just with the cover on them for accidents at sleep time.
Good luck girlfriend.