Thursday, October 30, 2008

6 Month Shots SUCK!!!

On Tuesday Braydon had his 6 month shots and even though I knew he wouldn't be a happy camper for the couple days following, I had no idea he'd react the way he has. Normally the two days following his shots he gets fussy, but sleeps a ton and then reverts back to normal Braydon. Well, this time could NOT be more different. The night of the shots caused Braydon to fight a 101.8 fever ALL night, which meant he was feeling extra craptacular, and because his body was fighting the fever (and probably the stuff injected into his little system) the reflux flood gates opened and gave us both a miserable and sleepless night. The following day wasn't any better. He barely slept because he felt so bad and come night, he was SCREAMING his head off. Well, after taking a shower with him (at 9pm) then taking him on a walk (from 9:30-10:30) Braydon finally began to calm down. Once home from the walk, we fed the cranky pants and by 12am had him asleep in his swing (had to sleep upright because of the reflux). Even though last night was rough, it was by no means as tough as the night before. And thanks to my FABULOUS hubby, he let me get some sleep by taking Braydon at 6:30am this morning and letting me sleep in til 9am AND gave me time to take a shower and get dressed!

As of today, Braydon's feeling much better, but thanks to our reflux setback, we're now having to resleep train him.

Braydon's reflux is so bad that anytime his little body is fighting something (big or small) it causes his reflux to go apesh*t, thus destroying whatever system we've worked our butts off to implement, leaving us to start all over again. This will go on until he's about 1 year old. Oh well, I'll sleep when I'm old and retired and have nothign better to do. AT LEAST MY MOOSE IS DOING MUCH MUCH BETTER:)

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Membership Required said...

Oh I am so sorry that it was so rough. Just think you only have let's see nine months, one year (typically the worst) and 18 months. Then no shots at two and usually not in for physical again until 4...not sure why they skip three at least this is based on my schedule. Did you get his flu shot too on that day. Well get some rest this weekend. Hope the reflux gets better soon. By the neighbor whose little Jack has reflux noticed a huge change when he went to the older baby formula (9+months) just so you know.Hugs, ML

Anonymous said...

You're too sweet. Thanks for keeping up with us. Your little "Moose" is more than adorable. I watched some of your video clips...and showed them to Michael as well. I love your blog design....when I get some more time, I might try something cute, too. Prayers to your family :)