Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi All,
I'm asking for all of you to please pray for baby Jude! He was born at 25 weeks, and has defied all odds, and has recently had his due date birthday. This strong little guy and his amazing parents have come so close to the finish line, but due to an infection caused by surgery to repair his bowels, he is now in critical condition. Please pour your hearts out to God and pray that He lays a healing hand over Jude and help him to pull through yet another obstacle. Baby Jude and his family have been through so much and I ask that you join me and others in prayer to ask God to deliver a much deserved miracle to this little fighter and his parents. May God forgo our wants to deliver and meet Jude's needs.
Thank you!

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SRC said...

I know the preemie world all too well now and so this prayer request hits very close to home. We will say many prayers for the little guy and his parents.

Membership Required said...

I will be praying for Jude and his parents. Keep us posted.

M.A. said...

Oh...poor baby. I will definitely keep baby Jude and his family in my prayers :o(.

SRC said...

I just went to Jude's blog and read the whole story, from beginning to end. it REALLY hits close to home. My Abby will be having the same surgery in just a few months. Ugh. To answer your question, no she is not coming to the wedding. Grandma is going to watch her. We are going to try and stay at the reception long enough for dinner, but that's about it. It's hard to have a sitter for too long with the never know when it may spring a leak!