Monday, December 29, 2008

About Moose's 1st Christmas!

On Monday we packed up the family (dogs included) and headed west! Braydon was a champ during the drive and only had a meltdown minutes before arriving at Mimi's (Ty's mom) house in Albuquerque. Once there, Moose was the happiest little guy! We played until he crashed for the night and once he went down, so did the rest of us. For the most part Braydon was wonderful. He did, however, switch from being all about mommy, to only wanting Daddy and Mimi. In fact, when I held him and Mimi and/or Daddy left the room he'd go bananas. He'd push off of me and do his best to get away from and back into the arms of Mimi or Daddy. I was a very jealous Mommy because of this, but it's truly awesome he bonded so well with Mimi and grew even closer to his Daddy.

Anyway, as the week progressed, Braydon started feeling a bit crummy. We thought that it was probably due to being a little off his routine and not being in his normal environment, but today at the doctor I found out we were wrong in our guesses (more about that in a minute). Through the week Braydon got a rash on his face that would improve and then come back, improve and come back, over and over again. We weren't sure what it was, but put Vaseline on it and hoped that it helped. He never ran a fever, but still just wasn't himself, though he did give a lot of smiles during our week in NM. Well, the night before we were to head home, Braydon cried out all night. I gave him Tylenol and Baby Oragel and once he was good and numb, he'd crash. But in an hour or 2 later, he'd be up again and give us his "I'm in pain" cry. We knew he was cutting his 4th tooth, thus the Tylenol and Oragel.

I should also tell you that for the past month Braydon's been fighting an eye infection. Anyay, after our doctor visit today, we learned the source of Braydon's rash-y face, sleepless nights, crying out in pain, and overall fussiness. He's cutting 5 teeth at once! The doctor put the flashlight in Braydon's mouth (while using the tongue depressor) and sure enough there they were, 4 up top, and 1 more on the bottom. We knew of the bottom one but not the others. Cutting so many teeth at once has turned my happy moose into a grumpy and clingy bear.

Now about the eyes... we now have to see an eye doctor to rule out a viral infection. If it's not viral, then it's probably clogged ducts which could mean he'll need to have a little procedure done to unclog them:(

With all that said, I'm happy to say that my Moose is back to wanting his mommy!!! I was more than happy to share him with Tyson and Sherry (Mimi), but I'm quite pleased to have him back to myself!

Other than the fussiness, rash, teething, and lack of quality sleep, Braydon had a wonderful first Christmas. His Mimi spoiled him (and us) wrotten, and I'm just so happy we made back to Albuquerque for his first Christmas. I just can't believe his first Chirstmas has come and gone so quickly - before we know it, we'll be celebrating his first birthday!

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