Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's time to embrace my...

... baby bump. Yes, I'd love to have the flat stomach I once had and I wish I could fit into my entire closet full of size 0's... but as Bad Santa (from the movie, Bad Santa) would say, "Wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up quicker." With that said, I've decided to take all of my 0's and sell them to/at My Sister's Closet. Perhaps I'll stop torturing myself by trying those 0's on, then wishing I hadn't because the truth hurts a little bit - truth being that I'LL NEVER FIT INTO A ZERO AGAIN.

I need to accept the fact that I was pregnant twice within 2 years, my second pregnancy resulted in a nearly 10 lb. baby and if not for my baby bump I wouldn't have my beautiful baby boy. Also, Braydon loves my baby bump. It's a great ledge for him to dig his feet into and stand up on mommy and grab at my face or whatever is behind me that he's reaching for:)

So, as of tomorrow as an act of acceptance, I'm selling ALL of my zeros, so that I may never torture myself again. Perhaps I'll even buy some new clothes in the sizes that are actually comfortable. When trying to squeeze into my zeros, I look like I have something wedged in the place where the sun NEVER shines:) (blush)

Hopefully, I'll make enough money to buy at least a few cute outfits:)

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Membership Required said...

I so long for no baby bump. Even with work it is slowly slipping away...not fast enough. I think of it as my private art piece. Grin. Good luck selling/shopping.

Brittany and Drew said...

Okay Beth i just saw you and you look great! Just think...tons of women would kill to be a size 2 like you are! You are beautiful! Have fun shopping.