Monday, July 6, 2009

Yay for Bray!!! He's Walking!!!!

We've really been trying to get Braydon to walk now for the past few weeks. He had the steps, but would only walk as long as he was holding on to both of my or daddy's hands... he just lacked the confidence.

Anyway, shortly after Tyson came home from work today, he took Braydon upstairs so they could get ready for shower time. Sure enough, as I was downstairs cleaning for a showing tomorrow, Braydon took his first steps and walked to his daddy.

When this happened, I heard Tyson cheering (loudly) for Braydon, but I just figured they were playing and being silly so I thought nothing of it and continued with my cleaning.

Suddenly I heard Tyson shouting, "he walked! Braydon walked!" Naturally I drop everything, race upstairs, and sure enough my baby boy was walking. I immediately begin jumping up and down and cheering for Braydon as well. Braydon then begins to cheer for himself and the next steps he took he said, "go, go, go" to himself. It was such a thrill and Tyson and I are completely beaming with pride!!!!

Since those first steps, he continued to walk for the rest of the night, right up until bedtime.

So, at 14 months and 4 days old, my son officially became a walker. Yay for Bray!!!

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Membership Required said...

Oh I have tears of joy for you as I read this. Walking is so exciting and such a milestone. Yahoo Bray! Cherish it because soon that toddle will turn into a swift and confident run...away from what mommy wants him to do.