Friday, July 10, 2009

Yet another bee hive...

At this time last year we had a massive bee hive in the cinderblock wall in our backyard. Well, last year we thought we had rid ourselves of the bees, but it seems they've simply just relocated about 30 feet down the wall, tucked behind some shrubbery.

Not sure what we'll do about the bees for now -- especially since paying someone to get rid of them the last time failed to work. And now that I know the hive is where it is, my skin feels as if I have creepy crawlies all over -- YUCK!

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Membership Required said...

I would be SCARED to death. My dad is deathly allergic and neither my bother or I have ever been stung so we dont know if we are and now I worry if one of my babies carries the trait. I suppose I should go to an allergist but just havent.
I would worry to if they were the pesky african bees that are so scary. I hope you all get rid of them because now I am scared for you.