Friday, December 11, 2009

Disneyland for my 30th!!!

I have to brag on my my sweeter than sweet hubby right now, because he took us (Braydon included) to Disneyland this week to celebrate my 30th birthday. We had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed watching Braydon's reactions during his very first Disney experience.

We are very aware that Braydon won't retain any memories from this trip, but we have/will, and they'll last us a lifetime.

For instance, we'll forever giggle to ourselves when looking back on the moments when Braydon was less than receptive when meeting the various Disney characters. He refused to make eye-contact, acknowledge them, or would tell them "no, no" and/or would say and baby-sign "all done" or would just simply say "bye-bye." We tried so diligently to take those perfect pictures of us/him posing with the characters, but little man wanted nothing to do with it.

We'll also smile when remembering his reactions to his first 2 rides: The Pirate's Of The Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion (stylized in The Nightmare Before Christmas). Even though he DID NOT like either ride, he did not cry out even once. He did, however, cling to his Daddy for dear life during both, and once again would sign and say "all done" the entire time for both rides. Hey, at least he's using "all done" in proper context.

Braydon loved all of the rides in the Fantasy Land portion of the park -- especially It's A Small World and Alice In Wonderland. He'd ooh and ahh, say wow, wee, yeah, and clap his hands... so stinking cute. He also enjoyed the new Nemo ride and Toy Story ride, especially when he was able to control the direction our car was facing as Tyson and I tried to aim our lazer gun-things towards various targets.

It was a bit tricky trying to capture pictures of him smiling because he was too busy soaking in all Disney has to offer: the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, etc.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and it was certainly nice to escape reality for a little while. Thanks babe for a wonderful mid-week getaway in celebration of my 30th! I love you very much!!!

Here are some pix from our time spent at the Magical Kingdom...

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Membership Required said...

what fun! Happy Birthday! Great trip!

Brittany and Drew said...

Awe, I want to go!!! That looked so fun! I hope you had a great day yesterday too! Can't wait to see you; I get in on Sunday night!