Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Gift Gone Wrong...

Babe, if you don't want to ruin the surprise, don't read any further. But if you want a good laugh, I honestly don't mind if you ruin the surprise.

Today I had the brilliant idea to take Braydon to As You Wish to paint a bowl for Tyson for part of his Father's Day gift. Tyson has a bowl of cereal almost every night before bed, so I thought this would be a cute gift to give...
as of 11:15 today, I discovered my cute gift turned into an ugly $20 bowl that is worthy of mockery and teasing! I wish I had the idea to use his College colors BEFORE starting the bowl... sadly, I did not.

Instead, I let Braydon pick two colors and I chose the other two. What we came up w/is red, blue, green, and black... what is that about!?! Braydon was pitching fits almost the entire time we were there, helped for about 10 minutes, and began to scream "ALL DONE, ALL DONE, ALL DONE" time and time again. I tried to finish it myself... to make it look somewhat cute, and instead made it that much worse. Finally, I resigned from painting and decided to finish the bowl off with Braydon's hand-print.

Of course he wasn't willing to participate, so I had to bribe him with a cookie in order to achieve the hand-print. So, once I promised him a cookie, we did a quick/messy hand-print, and I paid $20 for an ugly @$$ bowl.

I'm exhausted, frustrated, and so bummed the experience wasn't a pleasant one for us both. I'm also pissed at the employees for not helping out even a little bit, but maybe some of my disappointment due to the outcome of the bowl is tainting my attitude towards them a little bit.

Anyway, the thought and love were there... the looks, however, are not... sorry Babe!

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Brittany and Drew said...

Lets see some pics of this ugly bowl!!!!!

SchuckFamily said...

I second the request for a picture!