Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harkins Summer Movie Fun

This morning Braydon and I went to our very first movie together. We're doing Harkins Summer Movie Fun, where babes/kids of all ages, pay next to nothing to watch reruns of somewhat older, family friendly movies. Today's was Shrek the Third, and though Braydon was very unsure of the dark, massive theater, he decided to give it a try when a bus load of 6 year olds walked in. During the entire movie, Braydon sat on the edge of his seat, and any noise he made blended in nicely with the noise the other little ones made. I loved it. We have 8 more weeks (every Tuesday at 9:45am) of this and I'm hoping by the end of the Summer Movie Fun, Braydon will be ready to join his daddy and me for the newer kiddie movies.

Such a great day!

PS Braydon even volunteered 3 kisses (to me) during the movie!!!

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