Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 8 Months!

Even though Braydon has no clue what today is, I just want to wish him a Happy 8 Months. I'm a bad mommy, and don't have a picture to post to comemerate this day, but will post one later this week.

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Membership Required said...

Happy 8 months big boy! I cant believe that you will soon be a toddler. hugs, ML

Doreen said...

I am honored that you have chosen my poem, "Children's Footprints" to put on your blog.

Thank you,
Doreen Whitaker Sexton
written for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month,
in memory of our son,
Joshua Keith Sexton, full-term stillborn with no cause of death, March 25, 1986.
Mom of 3 tiny babies, Joshua, and 4 living sons.