Monday, January 19, 2009

He called me Mama!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, I am so very excited. Here lately Braydon's been saying a lot of ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma, but without meaning or intent - just baby talk. But today, he's been calling out Mama and looking at me, for me, and/or saying it while holding his arms out to me. Man oh man, what a rush! For so long I've wanted to hear my baby call me Mama and it happened TODAY! Hearing him call out to me truly wiped my exhaustion away from dealing with a sick baby (with croup) and battling through many horrible sleepless nights. We've reached yet another milestone - oh what a wonderful day it has been!

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M.A. said...

How exciting!! I cried a little bit when I read this...I can't wait till Maggie does this. I have just been excited that she will hold her arms out when I walk by to be picked up ;-). I can't even imagine how excited I will be when she calls me "mama." :-)

Carmen said...

Well this is awesome!!!! BUT....You do realize there's no going back, right?? HA! 20 more days!!!!

Membership Required said...

You have arrived! Isnt it wonderful?!? Rejoice in this day. Hope he feels better soon. Do they have him on a steriod? Makes mine mean. Hugs, ML