Wednesday, August 5, 2009

15 months and screaming tantrums???

Since this past weekend, Braydon has decided to vent his frustrations in the most hard-to-tolerate way. Since this *past weekend*, the MOMENT something doesn't go his way, he screams at the top of his lungs. In between his screams, he'll take a break and growl/cry. Our efforts of heading-off or subsiding these tantrums (redirecting, distracting, ignoring, comforting, etc.) are failing miserably.

Our baby book/s say this is "just a phase" and this difficult phase should last 5-6 months tops. I just can't believe how quickly this "phase" has devoured our sweet natured baby boy, and I hope it doesn't continue for the suggested time-span.

I/we understand Braydon doesn't have an emotional filter yet, and this is just a new way for a learning, growing, and discovering baby to express his emotions, but with that said, it ain't easy. He now fights bath and bedtime -- things he (until this past weekend) thoroughly enjoyed. So, for all you mommas out there, any advice for my darling hubby and me in regards to this newest phase?

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First remember that he is a toddler now and discovering what he can and cant control is overwhelming for them. He will be pushing to see what he can get away with. Also, check in his mouth...he could be teething, one year molars and "I" teeth come in and those hurt them like the dickens. Try to do a little switch up like baths at a different time of day or start some "slow down" time earlier to the end of day so that the all of a sudden its bed time isnt so anxious for him. Not sure if that made sense. But remember this is a time where they really try to express their sense of control....You are the mom, you win.