Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day of fun!!!

Today, my dad and I took Braydon to Bounce U (indoor inflatable playground). Immediately Braydon was in awe of all the fun surrounding him, and though he was unsure of what all this stuff was, he knew it was going to be a blast:) He love, love, loved the slide, and played harder than I've ever seen before. I cannot wait to go back, and do so with Ty in tow.

Warning: most of the pictures are blurry, but it's hard to take a steady shot when both of us were in constant motion:)

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Brittany and Drew said...

awe, he looked sooooo happy! I think I want to go to a place like that even though I don't have any kids; it just looked so fun! It was great catching up the other day! Good luck with the house stuff and lets talk again soon.