Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Braydon channels Evil Knievel

This morning as I began to pick up the living room, Braydon asked to watch more "shows". I immediately tell him he's watched enough TV and that he needs to go and play. He reluctantly accepts it, and toddles down the hallway and goes into his/guest bathroom - something he does 20+ times a day. Braydon truly enjoys playing in the bathtub with his bath toys, sans water. Also, that's where his potty chair is and he genuinely enjoys visiting it throughout the day.

Anyway, as I listen to him walk into the bathroom, I hear what I think are the familiar sounds of him climbing into the tub. About 10-20 seconds after I tell him to go and play, I hear a loud BOOM! CRASH! SMASH! SCRAPE! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I run to the bathroom to find Braydon pinned to the ground and surrounded by broken glass (and other common bathroom whatnots).

Apparently, Braydon pulled down the standing shelving/cabinet unit above/behind the toilet. Stupid us, for never thinking to mount it to the wall. Leave it to our little Evil Knievel to yank it down and unveil our unforeseen negligence.

Luckily, and THANK THE LORD ALL MIGHTY, Braydon was totally unharmed!!! As scary as the situation appeared to be, I pulled him away without a single scratch, cut, or bruise. I, however, managed to gather a few glass shards in my hands -- but better me than my precious little man!!!

The only visible damage to the house is a small portion of the wall has a few scrapes and two small gashes. But after a little patch-job and a coat of paint, no one will be none-the-wiser of today's ordeal.

There were four casualties from today's crash, though. The first being a potted plant that has been alive for at least 15 years. It was on top of the unit, and though the ceramic vase survived, the plant itself did not. The second was a can of air freshener, the third was the unit itself, and fourth and most importantly was a jar of M&Ms.

The M&Ms are Braydon's reward for when he tries/goes on the potty. Braydon was devastated once he learned he wasn't allowed eat the glass laden M&Ms. And I think the Great Crash of April 21, 2010 was a direct result of our Evil Knievel's attempt to retrieve said M&Ms.

Today, I went to Walmart to buy replacement M&Ms, but they are now stored in a PLASTIC container, in the kitchen, where Evil Knievel absolutely cannot even attempt to retrieve them.

The lesson learned today? To NEVER assume a little TODDLER boy is doing what you think he's doing AND to BOLT EVERYTHING to the wall.

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The Layman Family said...

oh my goodness! little boys are crazy, haha. i'm so glad that he's not hurt, and since he isn't, it makes for a cute story. i always think everything in my house is safe and secure, but my girls always seem to "show" me things that i need to change or move!

Brittany and Drew said...

Yikes! I think I better start baby proofing now!