Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm computer-stupid!

Not only did I manage to lose our video of Braydon's very first Easter egg hunt, I also lost video from the earthquake that we felt.

Braydon was able to find 6 Easter eggs, each filled with a Matchbox Car (which he's still obsessively playing with 3 hours later) and the video is GONE. In addition to that, about 20 seconds after we felt the earthquake, Tyson grabbed the camera to film our pool going crazy and water totally splashing over the rim. I lost our footage of that AND the footage of Tyson talking to our neighbors (behind us) about the tremors we'd just experienced.

I have NO IDEA what happened. I plugged the camera up to the PC using the USB port. The 4 videos showed up in the automated video thing that popped up and then suddenly I got a message error saying something about defective system hardware, and then the videos vanished. To make matters worse, the videos were also totally erased from the SD Card. I didn't push a single button. All just totally vanished :(

I'm so disappointed!!! I cannot believe I lost precious video of my son, proof of his first earthquake (in AZ), and I didn't take a single picture today. I have zero documentation of today!!!!

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Membership Required said...

what a bummer! So in Scottsdale you felt the quake but my dad not to far from your old place felt nada! Strange huh? Travis loves hot wheels and I am thinking He and Braydon would be the best of friends!