Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Braydon + Matchbox Cars = Happy Boy

It AMAZES me how much of a "boy" Braydon has become! He used to play with just about anything, but as of lately, he's grown quite picky in regards to his toys.

No longer does he like the baby-ish cars, the ones he used to cherish. He now LOVES his Matchbox cars, his huge Hummer truck (that comes w/all sorts of annoying sounds), and his new dicast Charger Police Car.

Earlier today I took Braydon to Target to pick out some toys with the Easter money his Mimi sent him. I had no idea Braydon would be SO enamoured by the toy car aisle. He DID NOT want to venture down any other aisle. Apparently Braydon had his eye on the prize and that ended up being Cars -- lots and lots of cars.

Anyway, he wanted almost every single thing there. At first he tried to convince me he needed this large crotch-rocket motorcycle that has all the same annoying sounds as his Hummer, but I refuse to encourage any and all things motorcycle. Next he wanted a firetruck, then a PT Cruiser, then a dicast Mustang, then a dicast Porsche. Finally after a few meltdowns, he decided on a 5-pack of Matchbox Cars, and the dicast Charger police car. He left Target one satisfied little boy, held his Matchbox Cars the entire ride home, and once home and inside, he cradled them like a baby, kissed the package, and then handed it off to me so I could open it. He tried to carry his police car, but the box was nearly as big as he is, so he settled on the little cars.

Anyway, my 23 month old baby has turned into a boy, and I have no idea where the time has gone. He's just growing up too darn fast.

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Membership Required said...

Hot Wheels all the craze in our house. I know what you mean. It's like a light switch being turned on. There was once a time when Travis was fine just playing with Campbell's dolls of all things than he got a few boy toys as we had none and gladly took some hand me down trucks. Oh how he adored them. Then he discovered the Hot Wheel...thanks to papa and nana and we have not looked back. He loves them and THOMAS. So crazy about Thomas. Little boys are so stinking cute but serious about their's a man thing I am sure about that.