Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dearest Merry Lynn,

Thank you so much for sending me/us the potty-training book AND the M&Ms. Time and time again, you've gone above and beyond for me and my little family, and even though there are a diaper-load of miles between us, I still cherish our friendship!

I'm SO GRATEFUL to have you as my "go-to" mommy, and savor all advice/tips you literally send my way!!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you ML! These hearts are for you ;)

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Its A Corny Life... said...

Yay ML! Beth, do you mind passing that book (or at least send me the title) along to me when you are done?

Membership Required said...

Oh Beth that was SO sweet! I have learned that mothering is so much easier when you have someone who has your back. I had to learn that quick when I moved to a strange city with no friends and God sent me to MOPS. I am happy to help and support where ever I can. I love our friendship! Thanks for the hearts it made mine blush. ML
Feel free to send that book to Stacie when you are done.