Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger Friends Unite -- In The Real World!!!

Today Bray and I met up with ML and her two kiddos, Stacie and her gorgeous little redhead, and Yvette and her two munchkins for a day of fun, ASU group photo shoot, and lunch at PF Chang's. It was a lovely day and we had so much fun seeing ML once again and meeting our new friends! Thanks ladies and babies for such a wonderful play date!!!

Here's Bray watching the other babies and kiddos play on their blankets as we mommies try to set up for our future Sun Devils "group picture." Moose is wearing one of the ASU onesies his Mimi got for him... thank you, Mimi!

Mommies trying to place the kiddos for their "photo shoot"

... Not as easy as one would think -- especially with the various ages and baby stages:)

... too cute, even if we couldn't get all the kiddos to look the same direction:) The professional photographer said he could photoshop these and get us 1-3 great pix!!! Thanks ML for supplying the photographer!

Me and the gorgeous little redhead, Abby!

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Membership Required said...

oh what a fun day indeed. I am so glad it all worked out that we could meet up and that the weather was Tempe perfect!