Thursday, April 16, 2009

Braydon's Tear Ducts Are No Longer Blocked!!!

Well, Braydon is now "officially" cured of all his various "special needs," health wise. He's no longer taking ANY meds!!! And has been on a dairy based formula for almost 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!! So, once he turns 1, we can switch him to whole milk and lift ALL food restrictions (other than nuts and honey). Lastly, our sweet Braydon had his tear ducts unblocked this morning!

Even though the doctor was 40 MINUTES LATE (we were fuming), Braydon will have goopy-free eyes within the next couple of weeks and his constant watery eyes will be a thing of the past.

Braydon wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight, so trying to stay one step ahead of what "might" happen, Tyson and I decided to feed Braydon one last bottle just before midnight -- wanted to account for the "if-factor." Things did run late today *ahem* but Braydon handled it like a champ and didn't cry once.

He was so much of a champ that when they (the nurses/drs) woke Braydon up after his procedure, he greeted them with smiles and chit-chat, which normally babies just scream! The nurse was so impressed with him, she snuggled with him in the recovery area (before we were allowed back) and fed him a little bottle of Pedialyte and basked in the wonderful-ness that is our Moose!

Here are a few pictures taken before the procedure -- forgot to take some afterward. Forgive the poor picture quality - I took these with my cell phone...

Checking his pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen sats.

Daddy and Bray

Mommy and Bray - I wish I would've put on a little bit of make-up:)

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