Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary!!!

Today is Ty and my anniversary and I must say that these past six years (plus an extra two years of dating) have been the best years of my life thus far! Ty, you are my best friend and I love you and our baby boy more than anything in this world!

To celebrate #6, last night we shipped Moose off to my parents for the night, and enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal at Tommy Bahama's. The meal was fabulous, but the desserts were simply devine. Ty had a butterscotch thing and I had the pina colada cake -- wow, were those some super duper yummy treats. After dinner we walked around a bit, grabbed a coffee, and then headed home to watch Pineapple Express, which is hilarious:)

It was so wonderful being able to sleep in today, so thank you parents for keeping our baby for the night so we could get some much needed sleep!!! Even though it was nice catching up on sleep, we were extremely eager to get our Bray back and celebrate the rest of our anniversary as a family:) What a lovely weekend!

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Happy Anniversary! I meant to say that when I saw you today. Can you believe that we have both been blessed with six wonderful years filled with love, growing and pain but mainly LOVE! blessings on more to come for the two of you!!!!