Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm blessed...

Right now I'm counting my blessings! I'm married to a wonderful man, we have the most amazing little boy, we have our health, we have one another, we have loving and supportive family/friends, but as I already said, most importantly we have our health.

I'm sad for Stellan and his mother and their family (husband and 3 older children) who have been without them for 5 weeks now. I'm sad Stellan's surgery wasn't a success. I'm sad Stellan and his mother have to go through this 1800 miles away from their home and family. I'm sad Stellan is still at battle with his health/heart. I'm sad that any baby/child has to suffer!

I know God has not promised us a life free of pain or struggles, but I can't help and wish that babies/children were totally 'off limits.' It breaks my heart to think of our loss, to think of other's loss, of other's battles, etc.

When I was taking Braydon to his monthly GI appointments at Phoenix Childrens Hospital, I often saw babies and children who were very sick, and the look of fear and exhaustion on their parents faces would weigh heavy on my heart and mind for quite a while.

I believe Stellan's mother is a strong, brave woman and I pray that healing is quickly brought to her son so they both can return home and reunite with their family and forever put this behind them.

Again, I'm sad for Stellan and his mother.

And I'm so very very VERY grateful for our health!

Please continue to pray for Stellan as his group of doctors decide where to go from here.

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