Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Friendly Arcadia Ducks!!!

Today as our yard was being flooded/irrigated, these two ducks waddled their way into our "pond" of a front yard. I fed them bread and Bray watch in amazement at this very friendly duo.

You should know these two ducks have been buddies for as long as I can remember and we've seen them pallin' around ALL over our part of town. In fact, they used to swim in our front yard at our last house. When lawns aren't being irrigated, you can find them swimming in the canals through Arcadia!!!

Cute, huh!?!

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Membership Required said...

so fun for Braydon! We are flooding around these parts that you might think I had a irrigation system in my backyard with all the rain. Hugs, ML

Brittany and Drew said...

How sweet!