Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally on the mend!!!

Braydon is FINALLY feeling better. My goodness what a challenging week this has been. I don't remember another time feeling so sleep deprived, helpless, and frustrated all at once! I'll spare the gross details, but those of you who've helped your baby through the stomach flu, know all the details I'm skipping out on. Luckily Braydon was a great napper today, so I've been able to de-germ, disinfect, and scrub down my house. For the times he was awake, I just strapped him on my back and went to work once more. For about 15 minutes, Bray was totally entertained by watching the laundry go round and round in circles in the washer and dryer while I cleaned our downstairs bathroom -- for whatever reason, watching the laundry cracks him up:) I just want to say, THANK GOD my baby's feeling better. I was miserable not being able to "fix" my baby, and I cannot imagine how other mommies cope when their little ones have truly heart breaking afflictions that mommy cannot kiss and make better. My hats off to them!!!

All in all -- we're a healthy household and family once more!!!

PS There really needs to be a stomach flu shot -- that bug is the WORST!!!

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Membership Required said...

so glad to hear the news. Cant wait to see you and meet him very soon.